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    Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic is not only a simple clinic but it is having different parts working together as a unit in area of speech and hearing service. This clinic is substantiated by Mr. Gaurav Gunjan & Arvina Arora. They are the administrator of this clinic & a renowned Audiologist & Speech Pathologist as well. Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic is handing over its services to the northern part of India. The services provided by us are high class and top- shelf to maintain and superlight our clinic’s name. This clinic is the solution of the people who are having any hearing, speech & language disorder. The main aspiration is to help those who are dealing with both hearing and speaking problems. Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic has become a brand with its modern techniques and technologies; curing patients for about 15 years.

    You are always given personalized attention and a fair, honest and ethical treatment at Speech Therapy in Delhi.

    We are most recommended Hearing Aid Clinic in Delhi & Speech Therapy Clinic in Delhi. At Manas Speech and Hearing Clinic, you can be confident that you are receiving the best care possible for your kid’s speech therapy. That is our promise. Book Your Appointment Now.


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    best speech therapist

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    Worried about being embarrassed at public gatherings? Do you fear to miss out on important information in office meetings? Is your hearing loss giving you sleepless nights? If the answer is YES to any of the above question, you need not to worry anymore! You are at the right place. Leave all your hearing concerns to Manas Speech and Hearing! We ensure you an affordable hearing excellence that you deserve. We are fully equipped with highly qualified, clinical and technological innovation and an outstanding quality treatment. If you are focusing on deciding what hearing specialist to see, that means you have already taken the first step to addressing your Hearing Loss.

    At Manas Speech and Hearing, we are qualified audiologist to test for Hearing Loss and knowledgeable about Hearing Aids and the technology to help you live your life to the fullest again. Our audiologist and Speech Therapists in East Delhi are the ones with who you get along with as we provide you access to wide variety of hearing aids with an aim to not to hamper your lifestyle. We are one of the specialists who will help you through the selection process when deciding which hearing aids to buy as well as offer continued support during the adjustment period. We are an absolute good fit for every age person suffering from hearing loss especially senior citizens, who are facilitated even more since we offer the right services for their needs. We have excelled as a pioneer in the ENT healthcare sector and also offer CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) facility to undergo treatment at any empanelled private hospital which can give you access to best electronic devices amplifying sounds which are specially designed to compensate for poor hearing.

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