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The Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic is simply the best solution for individuals of all ages with hearing, speech, and language disabilities.

With its latest techniques and technology, Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic has become a brand that has been curing patients for around 15 years.

The clinic is run entirely and exclusively by trained audiologists in the northern parts of India, assisted by Mr. Gaurav Gunjan & Mrs Arvina Arora, who is the administrator of this clinic and a renowned Audiologist & Speech Pathologist, with just the primary goal of supporting those suffering from speech and hearing disability.

Through using the most sophisticated hearing testing instruments, we believe in the evaluation of the real problem and providing our customers with a personalized solution while also understanding the lifestyle requirement of the patient. We spend significant time in furnishing individuals with hearing issues with rehabilitative administrations that incorporate portable amplifier evaluation and fitting, hear-able verbal treatment. At Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic, it is all about service and a constant pursuit towards quality and it exactly our passion towards high standards of commitment to speech and audio health care across the nation, that is making us stand ahead of our competitors and creating a tremendous goodwill.

All types of Hearing Aid Machines are available in various types, including invisible hearing aid. Based on variations in features such as: -Directional microphone, Direct Audio Input, Telephone Switch and Feedback Suppression, hearing aids are customized as per the best fit and requirement of the user.

The smaller Hearing Aids with longer battery life have made life so much simpler and with the advent of technology, the consumers experience a whole new level of sound quality. To top that, Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic also makes accessories available that can help the person carry out their interests, thereby improving user convenience.

Our strength is created by our commitment to full satisfaction with our clients and our dedication to achieving excellence in the field of speech and hearing. By taking a personal approach and offering the highest quality hearing care, our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and let our users experience the utmost comfort while talking and hearing to others.



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